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Breathing...simple, yet complex.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

We all breath, yes? If not, then I suppose you wouldn't be reading this post. Why is breathing so trendy?

Taking a breath is the first and last thing we do in life.

It regulates our body, nourishes our blood and vital organs and calms our mind. If you have ever taken a breath work course or followed a YouTube video, you will come to the realization of just how important (and easy) a few minutes of sitting, maybe closing our eyes and simply focusing on our breath is, on both our mind & body.


Focusing on our breath allows us to let go of the past (shame, guilt, regrets), as well as deactivate the future (to do's, what if's, worry). It is time to allow our brains to say, 'Ok mind, you're off the hook right now, just let me breath for a while!'

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and/or life's stressors, and let's be honest, who hasn't to some degree ~ especially so the past 2+ years ~ I know firsthand how easy it is to let my mind take over and my imagination wreak havoc with my life. Breath works helps - that's all - it truly helps.

If you have never heard of Wim Hoff, I recommend you leave this sight and check him out. He is amazing - life changing. You can judge for yourselves to what degree - but please take some time to investigate this simple exercise. As well, try to check in with yourself periodically to see if you are holding your breath when you are stressed or concentrating on something - you will be surprised, I'm sure!

We will be offering some breath work workshops in the Fall and will also continue to weave breath work into our yoga & Pilates classes.


The studio is approximately 1500 sq/ft. The ceilings are 11' high and are tongue and grove, stained wood. The walls are brick and block with a whitewash finish. We have a gas burning fireplace, a lounge area, change room and a washroom. A side entrance was installed in order to keep the studio separate from the house. There is also a double sliding door, and 4 large windows, which add a lot of natural light to the studio - we often practice with little or no lights on during daylight hours.

We were actually slated to open Studio NOW in 2020, but as we all know, Covid put a halt on anything 'fitness', so, we plugged away over the course of the two years, preparing, stocking and refining the studio. In hindsight, we are glad we took the time to finish the studio to our vision and although there may be some minor tweaking required here and there, the bulk of the work is done and ready for our students.

The room stays cool in the summer and we have 2 large overhead fans to move the air around on the warmer-than usual days - but it is comfortable. In the winter, we are cosy - with a radiant tube running the length of the room, along with the fireplace, and of course, candles - the room is warm and relaxing.

The practice floor is cork and sits on top of what was, at one time, a functioning pool. So when going thru your practice, lying in Savasana pose, you are actually (safely) suspended on a 18' x 34' floating floor. We kinda like this!

We created this studio methodically and with love. Spent a lot of time on Kijiji as well as sourcing out equipment, decor... from local businesses, as we understand what buying locally & reusing means to both our local economy and our environment. Some of the furniture pieces we made ourselves (the peace signs on the wall and outside the studio, along with some tables were created by us - all made with recycled metal).

We hope you will feel at home here, as it is our home and we are only too happy to share it with you.


Sue & Mike Feuerstake

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