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Updated: May 12

Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday, I broke my ankle!! I have an air cast on and was advised to keep my foot off of the ground for at least a week. I will be visiting the fracture clinic within the week (hopefully) to get a proper prognosis, and a rehab plan in place!!

So… that’s the bad news!

The good news is we will remain open and continue offering Yoga, Sweat n Chill (minus the chill), and Yoga Nidra. Mike will be teaching my Strength and Conditioning class on Wednesday, however the time will be changed from 1pm to 2pm. Mike has offered to teach the Strength & Conditioning class on Monday at 4 pm as well (in place of Pilates @ 430pm) - this will be temporarily added to the schedule! Pilates will be on hold for this week. I hope to be able to teach next week since most of the class is on our on the mat, on our backs. I really want to keep moving but will do so cautiously.

I will send out updates as my healing journey progresses.

Also, for those of you who are on monthly memberships and are affected by the loss of Pilates classes this week, I will do my best to adjust each membership accordingly.

Thank you all for your support as we navigate this lil bump (literally) in the road!



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