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Please allow us this space to introduce you to the teacher's of Studio NOW.  All are certified, professional and unique in their personalities and teaching styles!  The atmosphere of the studio is, well...  pretty relaxed and very fun.  Why? Because the  teachers are part of YOUR community.  From discussions about road traffic on the Concessions to family, pets, life's happenings and more - the chatter is infectious & familiar faces abound!  As our studio grows, so does our family.  There is never a negative word spoken - only encouraging words and plenty of smiles - it is truly a positive experience!  Once the pre-class chatter stops - usually by Mike's 'shhhh', we get down to work - and begin the process of 'letting go'!

However, don't let their easy going, fun-loving personalities fool you.... our teachers mean business and they are here to help you on your journey to a better, stronger, & healthier YOU - this is something we will strive for together.  


One has to experience the vibe first hand.  It's a great place to teach, learn & grow!

...and we are here to learn and grow...together



yoga, ryt 200
chair yoga cert.
yoga nidra cert.

ABOUT SUE I have been practicing pilates and yoga for over 22 years, after experiencing my first bout of back pain. After discovering that my alignment was off, I began to explore Pilates and then yoga. I fell in love with both. I especially enjoyed the synchronicity of breathwork and movement (mind, soul & body) which then led me to seek out meditation. This combination has enabled me to evolve and to realize that I wanted to share my love of Pilates, yoga, breathwork and meditation with others. Mike and I were lucky enough to have the space, vision and like-minded goals to create Studio NOW. We wanted to offer our passions & knowledge to our community. We feel such gratitude to have this space in our lives. My promise is to continue on the path of learning and with this, offer the very best experience to every person who walks into the studio.



yoga - ryt 200
certified hypnosis Practitioner
chair yoga cert.

ABOUT JENN I experimented with Yoga and Pilates for a little over 10 years while raising my family and working full time. I started getting serious in 2014 but after three years of multiple joint injuries, I was forced to stop abruptly. Originally taking the yoga teacher training to learn about my body’s alignment after being diagnosed with Hyper Mobility Syndrome (hyper flexible/soft cartilage), I realized that yoga was so much more than a physical practice. I fell in love with teaching and guiding others into finding peace and relaxation in their busy lives. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in June 2018 and have since become a forever student when it comes to natural, holistic healing and enhancing my teaching skills. By spring of 2019 I was hired as a permanent instructor, certified as a Hypnosis Practitioner and started my own business Just Breathe Yoga and Mindfulness. I’m a heart centred instructor using pranayama, intuitive sequencing and subtle energies to guide you. No matter what class you book with me you are guaranteed to go on a full mind, body, soul journey ❤️



long life fitness coach

ABOUT MIKE I have had a lifelong relationship with fitness and sports. Always learning from each experience and carrying these lessons with me to today. As young athletes, we take for granted that what we can do physically today will be the same years, or decades later. Our bodies naturally begin to lose strength, the ability to balance and with that, our overall stability. This can lead to falls, broken bones and injuries that may affect the rest of our lives. Longlife fitness does not just mean living long, but more importantly, living fit! My goal goal is to share my passion and knowledge with anyone who takes one of my classes.



yoga - ryt 1000

ABOUT DUSTIN I am a dedicated holistic and Hatha yoga practitioner. I promote a healthy lifestyle to my clients through proper nutrition, mindset, traditional Hatha yoga and conscious movement. I believe you need all three things to live a healthy well balanced life. I run a small home yoga studio called Aptum Yoga where I teach classical Hatha, 1 on 1 yoga therapy and posture technique sessions. My favourite yoga style to practice and teach is Classical Hatha in the 84 tradition. This is a very old style of yoga from Calcutta India. Some of the poses date back to the 5th and 10th century A.D. and earlier. Each and every posture is meant to bring balance, optimal health and vitality back to the body. This yoga system was traditionally used as a therapy, with sequences tailored to each and every individual from the yoga teacher/therapist. Now in more modern times sequences have been built off the 84 system to offer classes in a studio setting where students have the opportunity to explore all of the postures over time. The majority of my work, outside of studio time, is yoga therapy. I do rehabilitation work daily with clients who have been in severe car accidents and have major low body, spine and upper body injuries. A large portion of what I use to help my clients is from the 84 system method alongside other modalities, to bring a very well rounded approach. I bring my therapeutic experience into all of my classes. I am more than happy to give students who are injured, therapeutic exercises or poses that they can use as points in class for poses that will suit their body and to work with my students in whatever phase they are in their theraperutic process. The word Aptum is a latin word which simply means adaptability. One of the many things I do for my clients is to help them adapt traditional Hatha yoga and yogic mindset practices to how they are living in the modern world. One of my most favourite things to see is people inviting healthy practices into their lives and completely transforming themselves over time. 200hr Hatha/Vinyasa – De La Sol 300hr Advanced Hatha – Chief Yoga 70hr Advanced Forrest Yoga – Ana Forrest 70hr Jedi Fight Club – Competitive Yoga Training 50hr Yin Yoga – Bernie Clarke 40hr Restorative Yoga – Earth Wisdom Yoga Webpage: Instagram @aptum_yoga

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yoga - ryt 200

ABOUT REANNA I am a certified yoga instructor. I began practicing yoga in 2015 and became certified in 2019. I became passionate about holistic wellness and found yoga to help with building mental and physical strength as well as achieving stress and anxiety relief. I love combining meditation, music, and movement to deliver meaninful classes to my students. As someone who has benefited from the healing aspects of yoga and a holistic lifestyle, I am extremely passionate about sharing my love of yoga with the world. Off the mat, I enjoy personal and professional develpment and consider myself a student for life! My yoga instatgram account:



yoga - ryt 500
Kids Yoga - 50 hrs
Certified Aromatherapist

ABOUT YASI I began my yoga practice at my mom's classes throughout high school but later decided to live in India, travel through Asia, expand my practice and search for spirituality and mindfulness. As a filmmaker and fine arts graduate, I aim to enhance the joy of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness while implementing artistic elements, traditional instruments, and sound baths along with Eastern music, yogic philosophy, and literature. I am a 500 hr certified Yoga teacher from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta College of the Bahamas. I am also a certified aromatherapist and 50hr kids yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga and mindfulness to hundreds of kids in school, camps, and communities across the GTA and Ontario.



We love the studio because we get to sometimes visit with our members - only if mom and dad allow us to say 'hello'.  We love listening to the soft music through the door! We are teachers of love, patience (Reggie) and playfulness! Favourite pose? Russell - Downward Facing Dog Reggie - Puppy Pose (of course)

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