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(& Inspirations) 

Studio N.O.W.  is a community centric yoga and fitness studio, surrounded by nature, in the heart of Freelton, ON.

We truly believe our offerings are for everyone – young to old, of varying fitness levels - ALL are welcome – with open arms!


You do not have to be a ‘yogi/yogini’ to practice at Studio Now... however, transformation of the mind, body and spirit, is a destination we hope you will journey towards as your practice deepens.  

Everyone’s experience is their own – we are here to help you to attain your goals and if you are open to it, challenge you to move a little deeper into your practice and fitness aspirations - we will work towards this together!


Our goal is to provide a professional, yet relaxed environment to nurture our students, both inside and out.  We are proud of the individual attention our members receive.  Our mandate centres around being authentic to the practices of Yoga and Pilates, as well as offering fitness classes that are both challenging and encouraging .... Ultimately, our objectives are..... overall health, wellness and growth - AND - providing a beautiful, happy and safe space in which to attain them!



Quality vs Quantity
Individual attention is what we are all about

We may not be the biggest studio.......but we are the BEST!


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